Maintenance method of laser cutting machine chuck

  A high-quality laser pipe cutting machine needs to do the same daily maintenance as the ordinary pipe cutting machine, but also adds an important content-the daily maintenance of the chuck, which is to ensure the safety of the equipment during operation. It is also to ensure the service life of the equipment. Let me introduce the maintenance method of the chuck.
  1. Using molybdenum disulfide grease (black in color), drive the grease into the chuck nozzle until the grease overflows the surface of the jaws or the inner hole of the chuck. If the chuck is used for a long time with high rotation or a large amount of oxygen is used for processing, more lubrication is required, and the frequency of lubrication must be increased according to the specific situation.
  2. Rust prevention is a very important work in maintenance. Rust on the chuck will reduce the clamping force and make it impossible to clamp the workpiece.
  3. After processing, clean the chuck body and slideway surface with a high-pressure air gun or similar tools. It is recommended to remove and clean the jaws of the chuck every 6 months (keep the sliding surface of the jaws clean) and provide lubrication. Check the chuck parts of the laser pipe cutting machine for cracks and wear. Seriously worn parts need to be replaced. After the inspection is completed, apply lubricant to the sliding surface of the jaws, and then assemble and use.

  4. Do a good job of lubrication to ensure that the chuck still has good accuracy after long-term use. But incorrect or improper lubrication will cause some problems. For example, the pneumatic chuck cannot work normally at low air pressure, the clamping force is weakened, the clamping accuracy is poor, abnormal wear and jamming, so use the correct method of lubrication Chuck.
  5. For different workpieces, use different clamping methods or make special fixtures. The chuck of the standard laser pipe cutting machine is suitable for symmetrical closed pipes. If you barely use it to clamp irregular or strange workpieces, it will cause abnormalities in the chuck. If the air supply pressure of the chuck is too high, the chuck will be under high pressure or After shutting down, the chuck will clamp the workpiece, which will reduce the life of the chuck and cause problems such as excessive chuck gap.
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