The main reason for the large cutting gap of the laser cutting machine

  As we all know, when we use a laser cutting machine to process metal materials, occasionally there will be a large cutting gap, resulting in a decrease in the cutting accuracy of the workpiece, which does not meet our requirements. Below, the editor mainly introduces the main reasons for the large cutting gap of the laser cutting machine.
  1. First of all, we must first check whether the focal length of the fiber laser cutting machine is correct. There are manual and automatic modes for adjusting the focal length of the fiber. Manual focusing is easy to be forgotten by the technician. Especially after changing or cleaning the lens, adjust the focal length.
  2. The lens is the key reason. Check whether the lens is damaged or dirty, because this situation will cause the laser to scatter and cause the laser beam to become thick. The only way to replace or clean the lens is.

  3. The placement of the laser tube is also a very important aspect. Check the quality of the laser spot. If there are two spots or the spot is not round, it may be that the support point of the laser tube needs to be adjusted. Many people will ignore this reason. requires attention.
  The large cutting seam of the laser cutting machine is not a big problem, but it needs to be maintained after a period of processing and production. In fact, there are some small abnormalities in the process of use. This requires us to do a good job in normal maintenance. Ensure the long-term cutting and stable operation of the laser cutting machine, and create value for customers.

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