Maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine is very important

  If the processing application is only after the metal laser cutting machine equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine has absolute advantages. Depending on the changes in the processing industry, processing performance and other advantages, it has been applied to many industries and has been welcomed by many people. Therefore, for such a popular equipment, it is necessary to understand some maintenance knowledge of the cutting machine before and after use.
  The maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine is very important
  First, the fiber laser cutting machine is the same as the ordinary laser cutting machine. It needs to clean the straight line and the verticality of the machine itself every 6 months.
  Second, during cleaning, it was found that the accessories were abnormal, and maintenance and debugging were required. Otherwise, the cutting effect may be affected, the cutting quality will be affected, and the waste will be scrapped.
  Third, in the fiber laser cutting machine, there will be steel belt conveying. When using laser equipment, a quality inspection is required every day before turning it on to ensure that the steel belt is not tightened.


Fourth, when running, ensure that the possible problems are reduced to a low level. In terms of hazard index, steel belts are very serious.
  Fifth, when cleaning the dust, a vacuum cleaner is used to clean it, so for this weekly cleaning process, strict dust-proof measures must be taken for the electrical appliances. When working, it can also bring great work benefits.
  Sixth, for the guide rail cleaning of the fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to properly remove dust, debris, dust, etc. from the equipment, and regularly wipe the gears of the laser equipment and add lubricating oil. When adding, the motor is often a visible accessory. When cleaning the motor, you need to turn off the power to operate, so as to reduce the risk to a low level.
  Therefore, when using a fiber laser cutting machine, the maintenance of the cutting machine is very important. Only a good maintenance of the cutting machine can ensure that it can not only play its role well, but also extend its service life when in use.


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