How to maintain the heat dissipation system of the laser cutting machine

  The principle of the laser cutting machine is to use the high temperature of the plasma arc column to melt the material being cut to complete the processing. Because it is a high-temperature melting and cutting process, the cleaning of the fan heating system is a non-negligible part. The material form of the plasma is listed in modern physics. The fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Plasma arc is a compressed arc obtained by forced “compression” of a free arc through mechanical compression, heat shrinkage compression and magnetic shrinkage. It has concentrated energy, high temperature (arc temperature 18000-24000K), and high flame velocity (up to 300m). /s above).
  The heat dissipation system of the laser cutting machine is the main heat dissipation channel of the cutting torch. The conventional configuration is divided into two types: air-cooled heat dissipation and water-cooled heat dissipation. When used in general cutting processing, a special air compressor is required to assist in the cutting process. The slag from the material forms a kerf effect. So, how should the heat dissipation system of the laser cutting machine be maintained? It mainly includes the following four points:

  1. Unscrew the screw, remove the air filter, and prepare for cleaning. Regularly check the grid voltage of the numerical control system to ensure that the fluctuation range of the grid voltage is within the allowable rated range;
  2. Gently vibrate the removed filter, and at the same time, use compressed air to blow off the dust in the air filter from the inside to the outside. Regularly check and replace DC motor brushes;
  3. If the filter dust is too thick and compressed air cannot be removed, it can be gently rinsed with a neutral detergent and placed in a cool place to dry;
  Four. Regularly replace the storage battery. Under normal circumstances, even if the battery has not failed, the battery should be replaced once a year to ensure that the system can work normally.
  The above is the maintenance method of the heat dissipation system of the laser cutting machine. If you have any other questions, you can consult our online customer service to answer you.

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