The main cutting process of tube laser cutting machine

With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing in my country, laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in production, especially in processing and manufacturing. The laser cutting machine can be widely used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, and can achieve very good processing results.
The main cutting processes of tube laser cutting machine are as follows:
   1. CNC cutting technology.
   CNC cutting is a high-volume, high-quality cutting production method for pipes. The core of CNC cutting is the CNC cutting system. The CNC cutting technology is the cutting control software of the index control system to provide advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience, so that the cutting operators can achieve high-quality CNC cutting through the proficient use of the control system.
  2. Full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length metal pipes.
For the process requirements of full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length metal pipes, a unique dual-drive pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism (active shaft W, driven shaft W1) is adopted in the mechanical structure, and the left driving shaft W-axis pneumatic chuck The rotating mechanism is fixed and the pipe is clamped, and the pipe is cut and processed by the X, Y, and W movements of the machine tool. The right driven shaft W1 pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism can move along the axis of the workpiece with the worktable, which can achieve large Automatic laser cutting and blanking of full-length metal pipes.

   3. Pipe cutting process.
Since pipe cutting (especially for square pipes with small diameters), the molten slag adheres to the inner wall of the pipe, most of the heat generated by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is high, it will often cause the pipe to overheat, the corners and the four corners of the square pipe. Overburning seriously affects the quality of the incision, even unable to cut. For such problems, you can use:
  (1) Method of increasing oxygen pressure (6-8Mpa)
  (2) Increase sharp corner synthesis speed through software
  (3) The laser cutting head with a height sensing follow-up system can ensure that the height of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece remains the same (the focus remains unchanged) during the cutting process, so that the cutting effect will not be affected by the change of the workpiece surface.
   4. Professional pipe nesting technology.
   Due to the high cutting efficiency of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine, the programming nesting is more complicated. If it is used improperly, it will cause pipe waste and low cutting efficiency. Through professional pipe cutting and nesting software, pre-program drawing, nesting, and blanking on the computer to generate NC cutting programs, and then perform full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length metal pipes. Professional pipe nesting software is the basis and prerequisite for realizing large-scale and high-quality cutting production of CNC pipe cutting machines.
   The above is the main cutting process of the tube laser cutting machine. If you have any other questions, you can directly consult our online customer service to answer you.

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