What materials are suitable for metal laser cutting machine

What raw materials can be used for metal laser automatic cutting machine
   Metal laser cutting machine (main use: metal laser cutting, non-metal laser cutting) is of excellent quality (expression: excellent, very good), and its tricks are unique. People came to discuss and argue that these raw materials are safe to use for laser cutting.
  1, carbon (C) steel:
The metal laser cutting machine can cut alloy steel plates with a larger thickness of 12mm. It uses the old-fashioned laser generator trick. The light is cost-effective, the slit is small, and the cut surface is smooth. Only blowing gas is required to cut carbon steel plates below 6mm. , Without blowing oxygen. Greatly save the cost of customers using co2.
  2, stainless steel plate (stainless acid-resistant steel) cut open:
  The metal laser cutting machine developed by our company can cut large stainless steel plates with a thickness of 6mm or less. Cutting the metal sheet (characteristic: academic research language of spar) is small, the precision (precision) is 0.1-0.2, and there is no burr on the outside, and it is widely used in confession posts.

  3, carbon steel plate:
   metal laser cutting machine can cut most carbon steel with excellent cutting edge quality.
  4, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous plate metals (such as copper, lead, zinc):
The function of our company’s metal laser cutting machine for cutting aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal (such as copper, lead, zinc) is not optimistic, and the laser cutting of aluminum alloy profiles (melting point 660℃) has been successfully developed. . The speed of cutting aluminum and copper is much higher than before. Cutting aluminum alloy profiles 4 times forward, cutting copper 5 times forward, cutting thickness also continues to rise, aluminum alloy plate cutting thickness is 6mm, The cut surface is also bright and smooth.
   5. Cut other metal raw materials:
  The metal laser cutting machine can only interrupt the non-touch cutting, hollow carving and hole production processing for all kinds of metal plates. Equipped with high-precision, high-speed transmission and other rights, it has become a priority for the growth and development of sheet metal processing.
   The above is the introduction of the materials cut by the laser cutting machine. For more information, please directly consult our online customer service.

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