What are the advantages of enveloping laser cutting machine

  The enveloping laser cutting machine is currently the mainstream model on the market. It has a fully enclosed and enclosed design. What are its advantages? Let us take a look
  What are the advantages of enveloping laser cutting machine
  Prevent eye damage from laser
  In the international classification of lasers, the lasers that can be used for cutting generally belong to the third or fourth class laser. Not only is it forbidden to look directly, but the power of its scattered light is also not to be underestimated. Novices generally like to stare at the cutting head when operating a laser cutting machine, which will cause damage to the eyes and a tingling sensation for a long time. In addition, the laser has good monochromaticity and small chromatic aberration in the fundus. Very low laser energy irradiation can cause damage to the cornea or retina.
  The enveloping structure of the laser cutting machine can isolate the laser from the operator to the maximum extent. After adjusting the various parameters and cutting the sample up to the standard, the side sliding door of the cutting machine can be closed for fully enclosed cutting to avoid damage to the human body caused by the laser.

  Prevent smoke and dust from harming people
  Laser cutting is thermal cutting, and a large amount of smoke and dust will be generated during the cutting process. Although laser cutting machines are generally equipped with dust extraction devices, some smoke and dust will inevitably escape and cause pollution to the working environment.
  The enveloping laser cutting machine adopts a closed structure, and the smoke and dust generated during cutting are internally filtered, so that the smoke and dust that escape is minimal or even negligible.
  Prevent mechanical damage
  Although the laser cutting machine uses a laser instead of a blade as a processing tool, the probability of causing mechanical damage has been greatly reduced, but there is still no guarantee that there will be no accidents. The enveloping laser cutting machine completely isolates the processing structure, processing materials, conduction devices, etc. from the operator, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  Even if there are many advantages, when operating the enveloping laser cutting machine, you must strictly abide by the various regulations, such as wearing goggles, dust masks, gloves, etc.

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