What are the requirements for the configuration of the laser cutting machine

  I believe you have seen the practical knowledge of laser cutting machines in many places. Today, I will follow the editor to see some knowledge about laser cutting machines, so that you can know more about laser cutting machines. The following is the configuration of the laser cutting machine organized by the editor for everyone-some specific requirements: The processing application of the laser cutting machine has advantages in processing large-thickness steel plates, but as the thickness of the flame perforation increases, the equipment is used The temperature environment requirements will also be more stringent. At present, the final cutting thickness of the laser cutting machine has exceeded 1000MM. How to achieve such an amazing cutting thickness is the key to the configuration and combination of cutting gas.
  Laser cutting machine processing involves the mixing of different types of gases. In order to improve cutting quality and efficiency, similar cutting air source combinations are also different in related parameter settings. At present, domestic mainstream laser cutting machine equipment adopts the parameter preset method, which is operated by Personnel input relevant cutting parameters in the early stage of cutting processing, including preheating time, cutting speed, cutting torch height, etc. So is the combination of different parameters really suitable for cutting processing of this type of material? The following editor would like to talk about our views on this issue.


The key to mastering the flame of the torch is the gas source. Most of the oxygen on site is supplied by the pipeline. The purity and pressure of the oxygen can generally meet the requirements for use, but the gas is mostly bottled. In the 5-stream scale, the use time is about 2 hours. In this way, the gas source must be replaced midway, which will lead to large fluctuations in gas pressure, which directly affects the gas flow and causes abnormal cutting. The pressure of bottled gas at the beginning and end of each bottle of gas use process also fluctuates greatly. It is a good way to use warm water heating on site to ensure the stability of the gas source.
  In order to ensure the cutting quality effect, the laser cutting machine generally has qualitative and quantitative requirements for the cutting gas source, including the purity, pressure and ratio of the cutting gas source, in order to ensure the cutting quality. When operating a laser cutting machine, there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to. In addition to the basic cutting speed, cutting thickness and cutting height, you also need to pay attention to cutting gas from time to time. To ensure that the current equipment is in good condition, it is necessary to regularly check for leaks in pipes, joints, etc., lubricate the bearings, pin holes, etc., clean the cutting nozzles, cooling water pipes, etc., and complete some routine procedures based on the operating regulations. Work to ensure normal operation.
  These are the specific requirements for the configuration of the laser cutting machine. When you use the laser cutting machine in the future, you must not ignore it.

article to operate it in the subsequent use.

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