How to protect the cutting head of the laser cutting machine

  The laser cutting machine has a high degree of flexibility in laser cutting, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle. Whether it is simple or complex parts, you can use laser to achieve rapid prototyping and cutting. Laser cutting is the use of laser beams to cut wood, plastic, metal, rubber and other materials. This technology has become an important part of the manufacturing process. However, the cutting head of the laser cutting machine will be worn out after a long time of use, so how do we maintain the cutting head? The following editor will take everyone to understand.
  Electrodes and nozzles are the most expensive consumables in the daily operation of CNC plasma cutting machines, especially the imported electrodes and nozzles. Therefore, effectively extending the service life of electrodes and nozzles will greatly reduce the production cost of plasma cutting. The consumption of electrodes and nozzles is related to various factors such as air pressure, cooling water pressure, voltage, current, air supply quality, and the quality of consumable parts. It is also necessary to pay attention to some abnormal consumption caused by laser cutting machine failure. I have encountered the phenomenon that the complete set of electrodes and nozzles were frequently burned at the moment the cutting machine started the arc, and some burned within 0.5~1h after cutting. These are not normal consumption.

  After inspection, it was found that the arc generated between the electrode and the nozzle sintered the edge of the electrode and the nozzle. For this reason, measures such as the use of different types of electrodes and nozzles, replacement of new cutting guns, and adjustment of air and water pressures have been adopted. Although the effects have changed somewhat, they are not significant, and they sometimes return to normal inexplicably. After repeated inspections, it was found that the fault was caused by accidental air cut during the cutting process. Sectional investigation found that the solenoid valve in the electric valve console was de-energized and the solenoid valve was de-energized due to the torch trolley being dragged back and forth, causing the cutting torch. Poor contact of control cable. Due to the short time when the air is cut off, it is good when it is to be measured, and it is difficult to find faults. It was during this short period of time that the electrode and nozzle were burnt out. After repairing the fixed cable, the fault was eliminated.
  The above is about the maintenance of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine. I hope to help you in practical applications. The laser cutting equipment is simple to operate, saves time and effort, and realizes fully automated production cutting. It is only necessary to import the graphics to be cut into the dedicated cutting machine software before starting processing. The software will match the size of the material by itself and design a reasonable cutting route. , To reduce the waste of materials, and at the same time eliminate the need for manual positioning of the materials, realize one person to operate multiple devices, and reduce labor and production costs.

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