Introduction of five characteristics of metal laser cutting machine

  Metal laser cutting machine is understood literally as a cutting machine used to cut metal. There are many different types of this machine on the market. Among them, the popular metal laser cutting machine is one of them. . Today we will introduce the main features for you.
  First, the accuracy of the cutting surface is relatively high
  The main cutting technology used by this metal cutting machine is the ball design. The cutting technology of this ball design can make the metal surface after cutting become particularly smooth, and the cut metal surface will not appear any edging. This cutting effect It cannot be reached by any other cutting machine.
  Second, the cutting performance is very stable
  The engine used by is a brand-new numerical control technology. This numerical control engine can realize the cutting process without any damage or suspension of the machine, and at the same time, it can achieve the effect of continuous and stable cutting of multiple sheets of metal.

  Third, the range of metal that can be cut is very wide
  The range of building materials that can be cut is very wide, such as common aluminum alloys, titanium alloys and many other metal alloys on the market can be cut with this cutting machine, and as long as the cross section of the metal is within a certain cutting range, Basically, this cutting machine can be used perfectly to complete the cutting task.
  Fourth, the use of this cutting machine is very cost-effective
  Like ordinary cutting CNC machine tools, and other cutting equipment can complete tasks, generally can be replaced by this metal laser cutting machine. Moreover, the production cost is much lower than other cutting machines. In this way, the cutting cost that can be achieved after being drunk can basically be said to be the lower one on the market, and the overall cutting effect will not be better than any other. Poor CNC machine tools.
  Fifth, the use cost is very low
  This kind of metal laser cutting machine can use very little electricity in the process of use, and it can even reach about 1/2 of the electricity consumption of other similar types of cutting machines. It is precisely because of its ultra-low use cost that makes it very competitive in the market of similar products.
  The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the metal laser cutting machine. For more information, you can directly consult our online customer service.

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