How to judge the cutting quality of laser cutting machine

  The cutting quality of laser cutting machine equipment currently does not have a constant standard. Now it is mostly determined by looking at the specific cutting effect, but there are many factors that affect the cutting effect. In fact, in daily life, we usually inspect the cutting quality through these points:
  1. Roughness: The laser cut section, especially the thick plate, will form vertical lines. The depth of the lines determines the degree of cutting roughness. The shallower the lines, the smoother the section and the better the cutting quality. Roughness greatly affects the beauty of the metal and the difficulty of other processing in the later stage. So in most cases, the shallower the grain, the more delicate, the lower the roughness, and the better the quality.
  2. Verticality: The laser beam is actually a cylinder when magnified. It is focused to form a focal point and irradiate the metal material. Therefore, the laser beam diverges away from the focal point. In this way, the top or bottom of the cutting will change according to the position of the focal point. Wide, the cut section will form a taper, and the verticality is not obvious when cutting thin plates, but generally the verticality is very important for cutting plates of more than 10mm. The more vertical the cutting edge, the higher the cutting quality.

  3. Dross and burrs: Dross is mainly reflected in the burrs deposited on the cutting section. During the laser cutting process, there will be gas blowing away the molten or vaporized material residues, but no matter how upward or downward it will be The formation of deposits on the surface and cutting burrs are a factor that greatly affects the cutting quality. It will increase the extra processing volume and increase the processing cost. The burr can be clearly seen, so it is also a factor that directly judges the cutting quality.
  4, heat-affected zone: Laser cutting is a thermal processing equipment, and it will inevitably have a thermal effect on the metal during the cutting process. The laser generates a lot of heat during the cutting process, which is affected along the incision, which will cause changes in the inside of the metal, and some metals will harden. If the material is heated sharply during the cutting process, it will also cause the material to deform, which is very important in many fine processing. Controlling the laser power or using short laser pulses can reduce the heating of the parts and avoid deformation.
  To sum up, to understand a laser cutting machine, not only the configuration price, but also the quality of the laser cutting machine. If you have any needs, you can directly consult our online customer service.

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