What to pay attention to before using the laser cutting machine

  We all know that my country’s economy is developing rapidly, and the material science industry is also developing rapidly. Many technology companies have produced advanced laser cutting machines through constantly updated materials. This equipment has been welcomed by many manufacturers once it was launched. , Because the laser cutting machine has extremely high cutting accuracy, by inputting the required value on the controller, it can cut accurately.
  1. Check whether there is any problem with the teaching aid, especially after cleaning the lens and updating the focal length of the lens to adjust the correct focal length.
  2. The lens is the key reason. If the lens is damaged or dirty, it will cause the laser beam to scatter and thicken the laser beam. The way to replace or clean the lens.
  3. The laser tube is also a cause that cannot be ignored. If there are bright spots or out-of-round and hollow spots in the data of the light spot at the exit of the procuratorial agency, it is the support point of the laser tube and whether the direction is appropriate. The solution needs to adjust the direction of support rotation and replace the laser tube.

  In order to prevent the laser from damaging the human eye when using the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to be equipped with a laser cutting machine protection device and wear protective glasses. When the laser cutting machine is working, we must not look directly at the laser in the working area.
  allows the human body to better maintain the human body under the conditions of laser cutting machine radiation. We also need to darken the daily laser cutting working environment and the walls of the walls to reduce radiation, because sometimes the sun will be dazzling.
  And there must be a matching dust removal device in the working environment, try to operate in a stable air environment, and wear a mask as much as possible. Finally, do not touch the finished product immediately after the cutting work is completed to avoid burns.
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