How to choose a metal laser cutting machine

  I don’t know when it started. Everyone is paying more and more attention to the efficiency of metal processing, and there is more and more attention to metal laser cutting machines, but there are still many small partners who don’t know about metal laser cutting machines. There are many misunderstandings, whether it is the product or the technology, I can’t figure it out, and one is fooled by the sales. Today, the BCAM CNC editor will share my experience with you. In fact, the metal laser cutting machine only needs to pay attention to 5 aspects! See if everyone understands it~
  The metal laser cutting machine brands on the market are still very mixed. Some metal laser cutting machines still have the safety problem of false standard configuration and shoddy good ones. Once the wrong selection is made, there may be safety problems even if it is a waste of money. After talking about the hazards of choosing the wrong metal laser cutting machine, we return to the topic. Five aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing a metal laser cutting machine:
  1. Pay attention to the two types of certification of metal laser cutting machines
  There are two types of certification for metal laser cutting machines, one is national certification, such as the certificate of the national quality supervision authority, and the other is international certification, such as CE/FDA/ISO. The former is issued by China’s quality certification supervision department, and the latter is one of the international authoritative certifications. This is the best certification for metal laser cutting machines, and you must have these two certified brands for metal laser cutting machines.

  2, the material of the metal laser cutting machine product
  Most metal laser cutting machines are made of metal, and most people will choose the style according to their own preferences, but this is not the right choice. There are also good or bad metal materials, which cannot be judged by appearance alone. We should pay attention to it. It is the quality of the material. For example, some metal laser cutting machine manufacturers use cast aluminum beams, and some manufacturers use cast iron beams. To understand what the difference is, it does not matter whether it is good or not, but practicality is important!
  3, the quality of metal laser cutting machine parts
  The components of the metal laser cutting machine are very important. If the connection is not good, the equipment will not operate or malfunction. Therefore, the quality of the parts should be considered in place. Good parts are one of the most important factors of product quality, and good parts can be composed. Good product!
  4, metal laser cutting machine brand after-sales
  Before buying, be sure to ask after-sales questions, because if a product is not after-sale, it may be fooling you. No brand can guarantee that your product will not have problems! It is said that buying equipment “looks at three points for the product, seven points for the after-sale installation” , The professional performance of the installation determines the service life, and the follow-up maintenance depends on the after-sales guarantee of the brand! Choose professional products, and the after-sales installation is more secure!
  5. The grade of metal laser cutting machine
  The price of metal laser cutting machine is generally concentrated in 200,000-1 million yuan, and the expensive ones are also several million. The grade of water purifier can be divided according to the price: 200,000-600,000 yuan belongs to primary products, and 600,000-1 million yuan. Yuan belongs to mid-end products, and those above 1 million are high-end products, so you can choose according to your own needs. The price and product quality are relative. There are many people who buy mid-end products. If you have this standard, choose The metal laser cutting machine should not be difficult~
  Just pay attention to these 5 aspects when purchasing a metal laser cutting machine. Don’t be fooled by sales anymore. If you have any questions about the purchase of a laser cutting machine, you can contact our BCAM CNC online customer service.

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