How to use laser cutting machine to cut better results

 Laser cutting machine has a very good cutting effect. Compared with traditional processing and cutting, it has obvious processing advantages, saving time, labor, high efficiency and high precision. As metal laser cutting machines are more and more widely used, laser cutting machines will be used in sheet metal processing, aviation, electronics, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils and other industries. Here’s how to use a laser cutting machine to cut good results.
  1. The cooling system should be grounded, and the water tank and waterway should be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, the laser tube will be damaged and the condensation power will be reduced, the cold water head of the tube will fall off, the life will be greatly shortened, and sometimes it will not work, resulting in constant tube replacement.
  2. The installation fulcrum of the laser tube of the laser cutting machine should be reasonable. The fulcrum should be at 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, otherwise the laser tube spot pattern will be deteriorated, and the spot will become several points after working for a period of time, causing the laser power to drop. Meet the requirements, resulting in constant pipe changes.

  3. The water protection should be checked and cleaned frequently. The cooling water is often not flushed with the water protection float switch or the water protection float switch is not reset, and short-circuiting methods cannot be used to solve the urgent need.
  4. The suction device should be inspected and cleaned regularly, and the fan duct should be cleaned. Otherwise, a lot of smoke and dust will not be discharged, contaminating the lens and laser tube, and the mechanical and electronic components will be easily oxidized and cause poor contact.
  5. Check the focusing lens and mirror. After working for a while, the frame will have a fever, and the surface of the lens will become discolored and rusty; peeling and cracking are all phenomena that need to be replaced, especially if the customer uses atmospheric pumps and air compressors, so on the focusing lens Water will accumulate very quickly, so it is necessary to check the cleanliness and quality of the optical path system of the lens on time.
  6. The working environment of the laser cutting machine should not be too harsh. If the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, lower than 18 degrees, there is too much dust, and the air pollution is severe, so the machine is severely damaged and the failure rate continues to rise; electrical accessories are often in a humid environment. Something went wrong.
  The above is the way to use a laser cutting machine to cut with good results. If you have other questions, you can directly consult our online customer service.

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