What is the cutting thickness of different metal sheets by 12Kw laser cutting machine

What is the cutting thickness of different metal sheets by 12kw laser cutting machine

12kw fiber laser cutting machine

With the development of the industry, the application of laser cutting machines has become more and more extensive. 10Kw laser cutting machines have become more common. Today I will share with you the different sheet cutting thicknesses of 12Kw laser cutting machines.

cutting samples

The 12KW laser cutting machine belongs to the ultra-high power laser cutting machine, and the thickness of the cut sheet supported by it is naturally very thick. Take several common metal sheets on the market, the 12000W laser cutting machine can cut 45mm thick carbon steel plate, 50mm Thick stainless steel plate, 40mm thick aluminum plate. Of course, the maximum cutting thickness of the several kinds of plates mentioned above are all under the premise of not affecting the cutting quality. That is to say, the 12kW fiber laser cutting machine can cut these plates while ensuring the smoothness and cutting of the cutting surface. Accuracy.

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