Development space and trend of fiber laser cutting machine

Development space and trend of fiber laser cutting machine

We all know that the production efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is high. The maximum cutting speed of 2000W fiber laser cutting machine for different materials: carbon steel maximum speed 28m/min; stainless steel maximum speed 28m/min; aluminum plate maximum speed 25m/min; copper plate maximum speed 16m/ min, so it is widely used in all walks of life.

The fiber laser cutting machine industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading. Facing the broad development space in the future, fiber laser cutting machines must work hard to develop new technologies in order to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition and fast-growing market, and face future development. Trends, fiber laser cutting machines can develop in these directions:

Trend 1: High automated production efficiency

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine is a major trend in the future. With the increase of labor costs and the price of raw materials, it is very necessary to upgrade the processing equipment.

Trend two, stand-alone multi-function

Realizing multiple functions on a fiber laser cutting machine can easily expand the scope of use. In order to realize the multi-function of a single machine, a modular design must be adopted. Through the conversion and combination of functional modules, it must become a fiber laser cutting machine suitable for different materials, different processes and different requirements. “

Trend three, joint production line

When more and more functions are needed to form a production line, concentrating all the functions on one machine will make the structure very complicated and inconvenient to operate and maintain. At this time, several machines with different functions and matching efficiency can be combined into a more complete production line.For example: equipped with automatic feeding machine for light cutting machine, or equipped with automatic coiling machine, etc.

Trend four, the introduction of new technologies

The current processing method of fiber laser cutting machine is still automated and semi-automated. With the continuous development of control technology, multi-computer technology and microelectronics technology; in the advanced fiber laser cutting machine, higher Precision, higher efficiency, and more humanization make the fiber laser cutting machine more automated and intelligent.

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