Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, assistant fitness industry, burn your calories

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, assistant fitness industry, burn your calories.

In order to meet various fitness sports needs, businesses constantly update the types and production processes of fitness equipment. Nowadays, there are many kinds of fitness equipment, treadmills, steppers and other equipment are emerging one after another, which puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy of equipment processing and cutting effect.

Various shapes of parts in fitness equipment involve cutting and perforating pipes and plates

sheet & tube laser cutting machine
sheet & tube laser cutting machine

The slit width of the material and the straightness of the edge are all factors that affect a good fitness equipment. Traditional equipment processing methods need to go through the processes of cutting, punching, and bending, which not only consumes a lot of mold investment, but also costs. Too high. Therefore, a high-efficiency and high-precision integrated plate and tube cutting equipment can better meet the processing needs of fitness equipment. Whether it is all kinds of metal plates or metal tubes of different shapes, the plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can be easily controlled and carried out. Complicated curve graphics processing, not limited by graphics difficulty, fast cutting speed, high precision, smooth cutting surface without burrs, no secondary processing, greatly shortening the production period of fitness equipment. The laser cutting machine adopts CNC automatic processing method, which is easy to operate, low labor intensity, and saves labor. It can realize automatic cutting and nesting, which improves the utilization rate of materials and increases economic benefits. It has become a standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.

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