How should the laser cutting machine deal with highly reflective materials?

How should the laser cutting machine deal with highly reflective materials?

For highly reflective materials, we know that it has always been an important problem for many manufacturers in the process of using laser cutting machines. Because highly reflective and precious metal materials have always been difficult to process with laser cutting machines, copper, silver, gold, etc. are also common in our daily processing.

In fact, when we process materials such as copper, we need to add some auxiliary gas. Only in this way can we increase the processing speed. Then why do you need to add auxiliary gas when cutting highly reflective metal materials?

When the laser cutting machine cuts metal copper, the auxiliary gas and materials added will react under high temperature conditions and increase the cutting speed. For example, the use of oxygen can achieve the combustion-supporting effect. Nitrogen is also a versatile auxiliary gas, but it is not like oxygen to support combustion and acceleration, but to optimize the effect of cutting finished products.

For example, as far as copper is less than a thickness, it can be processed with a laser cutting machine.

This shows that our laser cutting machine, its cutting ability, can be trusted and beyond doubt. When we use it, we should pay attention to the processing effect. As mentioned earlier, the use of nitrogen as an auxiliary gas is very good for the improvement of our processing effect.

When the thickness of the metal copper reaches two thicknesses, only adding nitrogen when using the cutting machine, it cannot be processed perfectly.

At this time, we must add oxygen to oxidize it to be able to cut.

After the above introduction, do you think that using a laser cutting machine for production is also a technical job! If you want to cut copper materials and achieve better results, the technical requirements for operators are also very high. Only good technology and good methods are required. We are not good at processing this kind of copper materials, high-reflection materials, Wait to achieve better results.

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