What factors affect the price of laser cutting machine?

What factors affect the price of laser cutting machine

BCAM F series laser cutting machine
BCAM F series laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine outputs a high-energy density laser beam and gathers it on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus is instantly melted and vaporized. Automatic cutting is realized by moving the spot irradiation position through the numerical control mechanical system. The speed and accuracy are high, so the equipment price is relatively high. Of course, there are certain differences in prices for different models of equipment. So what factors affect the price of laser cutting machine?
   1. Attachment quality: As we all know, mechanical equipment is good or bad. Good products are relatively expensive. The same is true for laser cutting machines. Its core technology determines the quality of laser cutting equipment, such as lasers and control systems, which will affect the price of laser cutting equipment.
   2. Model difference: The price of different models (different power sizes and different cutting formats) of the same manufacturer will be different. Users need to choose the appropriate power and format according to their own cutting requirements to make the best use of the material and bring higher value returns to the enterprise.
   3. Equipment performance: The price of imported laser cutting machine and domestic YAG solid laser cutting equipment is also far different. The difference between them is that they have great advantages in cutting thin metal plates, and its cutting speed is faster than other equipment.
  4. After-sales service: After purchasing large-scale equipment, after-sales service is a key issue. Comprehensive services can ensure the safety and timely maintenance of user equipment. The after-sales service of different manufacturers has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, prices will vary.
When buying a laser cutting machine, when you encounter the same model and the same type of product but the price is different, you must summarize the reasons and then purchase according to the demand. You must not only use the price as the only reference factor, but Many aspects of understanding.

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