How to avoid burrs from laser cutter machine?

How to avoid burrs from laser cutter machine?

The most common problem of laser cutter machine in the processing process is that it is easy to produce burrs. In layman’s terms, sharp corners, burrs and other irregular metal parts will appear at the transition of the workpiece surface. However, common does not mean that the generation of burrs is acceptable. It directly affects the dimensional accuracy, shape and position accuracy and surface roughness of the processed parts, reduces product quality, and brings subsequent inspection, assembly, use performance and aesthetics. There are many problems, so burrs should be avoided as much as possible. So what are the reasons for the glitches? How to solve it?

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Reason 1: The up and down position of the laser beam focus generated by the laser cutter machine is deviated, which causes the energy to not just converge on the workpiece, and the workpiece is not fully vaporized, which increases the amount of slag produced and is not easy to blow off, which makes it easier to produce burrs.
Solution: Adjust the position of the focus of the laser beam, and adjust it to the best state according to the offset position it produces.

Reason 2: The output power of the laser cutter machine is not enough to effectively vaporize the metal, resulting in excessive slag and burrs.
Solution: Check whether the laser cutter machine is working normally. If it is abnormal, it needs to be repaired and maintained in time; if it is normal, check whether the output value is correct.

Reason 3: The cutting line speed of the laser cutting machine is too slow, which damages the surface quality of the cutting surface and produces burrs.
Solution: Adjust and increase the cutting line speed in time to make it reach the normal value.

Reason 4: The purity of the auxiliary gas of the laser cutting machine is not up to the required standard, which will also cause the workpiece to produce burrs.
Solution: Replace the auxiliary gas with higher purity.

Reason 5: The working time of the laser cutting machine is too long, which makes the equipment appear unstable, which will also lead to the generation of burrs.
Solution: Turn off the laser cutting machine and restart it after a period of time so that it can be fully rested.

In summary, BCMA laser engineers summarized the causes and solutions for the burrs. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have different opinions on my sharing, I welcome your suggestions! If you have requirements for laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser pipe cutting machines and other laser equipment, you are welcome to inquire!

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