Can the laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

Many metal materials need special treatment to maintain their integrity. Otherwise, scratches will easily appear in multiple transfer projects. For processed parts with high material requirements, such problems are very difficult. Therefore, There will be many cases where metal materials are coated. Metal coating can ensure that there is as little friction damage as possible during the transfer process, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. Customers have very high requirements for their own product quality, and scratches are not allowed Yes, this places higher requirements on laser cutting machines for cutting metal. Can laser cutting machines cut coated metals?

In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut the coated metal. Next, we can take a detailed look at the operation process of the fiber laser cutting machine to cut the coated metal. The laser cutting machine cuts the film-coated metal sheet. First, the film is cut, the side of the film is facing up, the film is cut first, and the metal sheet is cut after the film is cut. This two-pass processing can be effective Guarantee the quality of materials. The choice of laser tube needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the type and thickness of our sheet. So, why don’t we put the layer of the film facing down, so that we can avoid the damage of the work platform to the material, but also can complete the cutting at one time? The small partners who have tried should come to this conclusion, after debugging the equipment Cutting, if the film is to be cut off at one time, it is easy to cause residues to remain on the film during laser cutting through, which has a great impact on the quality of the finished product. Although there is a certain advantage in speed, the yield is Low, poor product quality, so it is recommended to cut the film before cutting the metal sheet.

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