What is the possible reason why the fiber laser cutter machine cannot cut through the workpiece?

What is the possible reason why the fiber laser cutter machine cannot cut through the workpiece?
It can be analyzed from the following three aspects:

  1. Auxiliary gas. As we all know, a certain auxiliary gas is required when using a fiber laser cutter machine for cutting. At this time, the auxiliary gas must have enough pressure to completely remove the waste generated by cutting. Generally, the air pressure should be reduced when cutting thicker workpieces. , The residue sticking to the workpiece will damage the cutting edge. Increasing the gas pressure can increase the cutting speed, but after reaching a maximum value, continuing to increase the gas pressure will cause a decrease in the cutting speed. This interference will affect the melting efficiency, and sometimes may change the mode structure, resulting in a decrease in cutting quality. If the beam is too divergent, the spot is too large, and it may even cause serious consequences that the cutting cannot be performed effectively.
  2. The accuracy of the workbench. If the accuracy of the worktable is uneven or other reasons, it will also lead to high-precision laser cutting results.
  3. Laser beam. The beam emitted by the laser is cone-shaped, so the slit cut out is also cone-shaped. In this case, the thickness of 0.4mm stainless steel will be much smaller than the slit of 3mm. Therefore, the shape of the laser beam is a major factor affecting the cutting accuracy of a metal laser cutter machine. Under such conical laser beam conditions, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, and therefore the larger the slit. Even if it is the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting precision will be different. Therefore, the material of the workpiece also has a certain influence on the accuracy of laser cutting.
    In addition, the following conditions are also the main reasons for the instability of laser cutter machine processing: the choice of laser head nozzle does not match the processing thickness; the laser cutting line speed is too fast, and the operation control is required to reduce the line speed; the nozzle Inaccurate induction leads to excessive laser focus position error, and it is necessary to re-check the nozzle induction data, especially when cutting aluminum materials.

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