The principle and advantages of laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine uses a high-energy laser beam to act on the processed material to make it absorb the laser energy and cause melting, vapor ratio, fracture and other phenomena. So as to achieve the purpose of cutting off the material
Compared with other commonly used cutting machine methods, the laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

  1. In terms of cutting quality
    (1) Laser cutting has narrow slits, which can save raw materials.
    (2) The cutting seam has good verticality and smooth surface. It can be used for part forming and welding without subsequent reprocessing procedures and cleaning treatment;
    (3) The cutting edge has no burrs and no mechanical stress. Small heat-affected zone, basically no deformation
    (4) The aspect ratio of laser cutting is large. It can reach about 20:1 for metallic materials and more than 100:1 for non-metallic materials.
  2. Cutting process aspect
    (1) The laser cutting speed is fast. Low noise. No pollution
    (2) There is no “tool” wear problem during the cutting process, which is suitable for any metal material;

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