Do the daily maintenance of the laser cutting machine

Irregular equipment maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the equipment, and metal laser cutting machine is no exception. Today, BCAM engineers took everyone to understand the daily maintenance of the equipment.
Try to pay attention to cleaning the lenses, guide rails, and cleaning the workbench every day;
Lens cleaning method: when cleaning the lens, absolute ethanol or 98% alcohol must be used as the cleaning solution. Use a small amount of absorbent cotton to lightly dip the alcohol and scrub the lens directionally, and finally use dry cotton to gently wipe the lens to make the lens bright Transparent; (note that scrubbing too hard will easily wipe off the coating on the lens, which will damage the lens)
The cleaning method of the guide rail: first remove the stains and processing scraps on the guide rail, and then add a little bit of clean lubricant on the guide rail, and move the guide rail so that the clean lubricant can be evenly distributed on the guide rail. (Be careful not to thicker lubricating oil (butter). This kind of lubricating oil attached to the guide rail can easily cause the sticking and twisting of processed materials and dust, so as to damage the slider and the guide rail);
How to clean the working platform: The working platform has zinc-iron alloy, honeycomb, crawler, blade and other workbenches. First, clean the processed debris on the workbench. The crawler workbench needs to be used for half a year to add a little clean anti-rust oil on the crawler. The next anti-rust treatment is not needed for other workbenches. (Note that the work platform cannot be cleaned easily with water, it is easy to make the work platform rust and accelerate the oxidation of the work.

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