How to choose a laser cutting machine manufacturer ?

  What are the criteria for choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer? Buying a laser cutting machine is not only based on the price. As the transparency of the industry market increases, various small laser cutting machine manufacturers are fishing in troubled waters, especially making concessions in price, but is such a laser cutting machine really what we want? ? The laser cutting machine industry is developing rapidly, the market is booming, and the application is more and more extensive. A large number of laser cutting machine manufacturers have emerged. So in this mixed industry to buy a suitable brand of laser cutting machine manufacturers?

Generally, low-power manufacturers are currently the most concentrated on the market. Due to mature technology and low threshold, various manufacturers continue to simplify laser cutting machines and cut corners in materials in order to maximize profits. Therefore, choosing low-power must choose The well-known brand of laser cutting machine is the most reliable.

   One, understand your needs

  Before purchasing equipment, the first thing to think about is what power equipment to buy. The most important factor in determining power is based on the thickness of the processed material. The thicker the sheet, the more difficult it is to cut and the greater the power required.

   The higher the power, the better? No! Laser cutting machine can be divided into low, medium and high power according to the power. For thinner stainless steel and carbon steel plates, a low-power fiber laser cutting machine may be used to cut very well, while ensuring a higher cutting speed, which not only ensures work efficiency but also saves costs. Therefore, when purchasing a laser cutting machine, you must make a reasonable choice based on your own material and material thickness, and don’t blindly pursue high power.

  Second, it’s okay to choose a brand

   As the saying goes, you pay for what you pay for. Imported or domestic, big brands or general brands, local after-sales or no after-sales, and so on. It is impossible to have high-quality and cheap products, and there are almost few suppliers that can meet all your considerations. Choose a few powerful and preferential manufacturers for preliminary communication and proofing. Our BCAM can conduct on-site inspections. , Conduct more detailed discussions on the price of the machine, machine training, payment methods, after-sales service, etc.

   Three, clear core accessories

   When buying a laser cutting machine, we also need to pay attention to some important parts. For example, just like buying a car, you have to clarify the configuration of the car, its engine power, load capacity, displacement, fuel consumption, etc. The same is true for laser cutting machines, laser generators, laser cutting heads, and servo motors. Rails, water tanks, etc., these components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

  Which laser cutting machine is better? I can only say that there is no best, only the most suitable! But combining the above three parameters, taking into account factors such as cost-effectiveness, brand strength, and core accessories.

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