Pay attention to 6 aspects of information to help the purchase of laser cutting machines

The quality and efficiency of metal processing has always been a concern of various processing and manufacturing enterprises, and it is also a major trend in industrial development. If enterprises do not do well, it will seriously affect the future development of the enterprise. However, the improvement of metal processing quality and efficiency will not work. The quality and selection of equipment are very important. Below, the metal laser cutting machine manufacturer BCAM Laser will talk to you about how to choose the metal laser cutting machine equipment.
Different industries and different material types are suitable for metal laser cutting machines. To choose the right metal laser cutting machine equipment, you must first understand the type of material produced by the company itself, and the corresponding processing technology used, in order to “prescribe the right medicine” Metal laser cutting machine equipment. Therefore, when selecting metal laser cutting machine equipment, companies should fully communicate with the equipment company that provides the solution and consult them. The company does not necessarily have to listen to the opinions of the laser equipment company. You can choose according to your own situation and how to choose. You can refer to the following points.

  1. Economical
    Mainly consider equipment manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance costs.
  2. Operating conditions of metal laser cutting machine
    Design a safe and reliable metal laser cutting machine according to the nature of the material to be processed.
  3. Choose according to the composition of the metal material
    Different metal material components should use different equipment models. Common metal material components can be processed by different equipment. Special components need special equipment to process. Otherwise, it is easy to process and not meet the standard. Select metal laser cutting in a targeted manner. Machine to achieve better results.
  4. Equipment operation requirements and service life
    The equipment is required to have a simple structure, convenient operation, and easy replacement of consumables or cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Choose according to output
    The processing volume of metal materials is one of the important factors in determining the selection. The processing volume of equipment is less than the actual output, which will cause production delays and affect delivery. On the contrary, the processing volume of the equipment is greater than the actual output, which causes unnecessary excessive expenditures and increases the operating cost. Therefore, the selection based on the actual output is of great significance to the production of equipment.
  6. Compliance rate of processed samples
    Generally, high-quality metal laser cutting machines have a sample quality compliance rate of up to 99%. Only a high-quality equipment can make us worry-free.
    When we purchase metal laser cutting machine equipment, we need to choose from multiple angles. A good metal laser cutting machine can not only solve a lot of unnecessary troubles when applied to metal processing, but also can help enterprises to truly solve the problems of metal processing quality and efficiency.

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