The core components of the laser cutting machine

With the popularization and development of laser technology, laser cutting has flexible processing methods, convenient operation modes and super processing speed characteristics. More and more processing companies have begun to choose laser cutting machines to replace the original punches and shears. For traditional processing equipment such as board machine, plasma cutting, flame cutting, etc., which core components are it composed of, let BCAM take you to analyze it together.

  1. Fiber laser
    When it comes to the core component of a laser cutting machine, fiber lasers must bear the brunt. Fiber lasers are the core power source of laser cutting machines, which can directly affect the performance of the equipment and thus the overall cutting operation. At present, domestic fiber lasers are becoming more mature and stable, gradually replacing the imported laser market. Domestic fiber laser manufacturers like Raycus Laser and Chuangxin Laser are all outstanding representatives, which also promoted the development of laser cutting machines in my country to a certain extent;
  2. Laser cutting head
    As a device to output laser, the laser cutting head is composed of a focus tracking system, a focus lens and a nozzle. Generally, when cutting metal pipes of different shapes and thicknesses, there are corresponding specifications, and the operator must conduct corresponding adjustments. ,Adjustment;
  3. Motor
    Motors are generally divided into two types, stepper motors and servo motors. Although they are both motors, these two motors have differences in control accuracy, torque-frequency characteristics, operating performance, speed response performance, and low-frequency characteristics. The stepping motor has fast starting speed and sensitive response. It is more suitable for cutting and engraving processing that is not demanding, and the price is not high. The servo motor has many advantages, including: fast movement speed, high load, stable performance, etc. However, its price is generally higher, and it is suitable for industries with higher processing requirements. It is also widely used in the laser cutting machine industry. The tube laser cutting machine also uses a servo motor.

Of course, in addition to these, there are also machine tools, laser lenses, control systems, etc., which are all important components in the tube laser cutting machine equipment. It is precisely because of these components that such an excellent laser cutting machine has been achieved, and it can be used in plate cutting. Show their talents in the field.

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