How much is the price of a laser cutting machine?

How much is a laser cutting machine? This is a problem that many customers are more concerned about. Today, I will introduce to you the factors affecting the price of the machine.
Our commonly used laser cutting machines are mainly divided into two categories, one is a fiber laser cutting machine and the other is a CO2 laser cutting machine. The prices of the two are quite different. The fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut metal materials, such as carbon steel. Stainless steel, copper and other metal materials, while the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut some non-metal materials, such as wood, cloth, plastic and so on.

The specific price of the product needs to be judged according to the customer’s needs.
First of all, you need to determine the customer’s cutting material. If it is used for cutting metal materials, it is recommended that the customer purchase a fiber laser cutting machine. Secondly, the thickness of the cut metal material also directly affects the selection of product accessories, and the price will also fluctuate greatly. .
For example, for cutting 2mm carbon steel plates, a 1000W laser cutting machine is normally recommended. However, if the conventional cutting thickness reaches 20mm, at least a 6000W laser head must be equipped to meet the cutting needs. When comparing the two, there is a big price gap.
There is also the problem of the size of the processing table required by the customer and so on. Will directly affect the landing price of the product.
When you finally determine the size, power and configuration of the machine you need, you can find a suitable model, and the price of the machine can probably be finalized.

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