high power fiber laser cutting machine

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From the first attempt to prevent wasting special materials, precise and correct parts.

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A single supplier of tube processing technology can ensure process reliability.

F series fiber laser cutting machine
F series fiber laser cutting machine
Working Area 3000×1500 mm
Laser Machine 1000~4000W
Cutting Accuracy ±0.02mm
Acceleration 0.8G
Application Industry Advertising industry, Sheet metal processing industry, Automobile industry, Aerospace industry
High power laser cutting machine
high power fiber laser cutting machine
Working Area3000×1500 mm
Laser Machine3000~20000W
Cutting Accuracy±0.02mm
Application IndustryAdvertising industry, Sheet metal processing industry, Automobile industry, Aerospace industry
Plate & tube laser cutting machine

BCM-FT Sheet & Tube laser cutting machine

Working Area3000×1500 mm
Laser Machine1000~4000W
Cutting Accuracy±0.02mm
Clamping Diameterφ20mm~φ200mm
Application IndustryAdvertising industry, Sheet metal processing industry, Fitness equipment industry, Elevator industry

100% made in China, core technology inherited by German craftsmen
Uniqueness and creativity, our knowledge and excellent tradition in the mechanical field, our flexibility, and the exclusive nature of our products are favored by domestic and foreign customers. BCAM perfectly presents the charm of mechanical processing.

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Smooth and well-defined cutting edges, no burns, maintain stable quality throughout the production process of thin and thick materials.

Always cut with the best power, adjusted according to the complexity of the cutting path and geometry.

To Cooling during the cutting process enables the parts to be more closely nested and obtains greater material utilization, reducing the cost of a single piece.

Are you considering introducing a new machine in the factory to optimize your metal cutting process?

If the answer is yes, then you must have considered many different technologies in order to understand the pros and cons of each and the specific needs of your production.

How laser technology can greatly reduce the cost of each part

When it replaces multiple machining operations. It is estimated that the use of laser technology to cut metal can reduce the cost of each part from 50% to 90%.
This is a major saving, mainly because of the benefits of this technology:

· Make complex geometric shapes have the possibility of negligible cost increase

· High productivity and flexibility

· Create joints to allow connection with other components to simplify welding

· Manufacture prototypes and prefabricated parts at the expense of mass production

· Fewer personnel: On average, laser processing requires 5 people less than traditional technology

· Small machinery: Compared with traditional craftsmanship, the space is reduced by 20% to 30%

· Machining accuracy is close to one hundredth of a millimeter, thereby reducing waste and subsequent finishing operations

Laser, an excellent solution for many industries

Some industries, more than others, are rapidly shifting to this technology.

Automotive industry / aerospace industry / furniture design industry / advertising design industry / handicraft industry


Automobile Industry

3D laser cutting is an excellent solution for the production of various parts:

· Hydraulic forming (arm, suspension, mechanical support)

· Stamped sheets (inner body part, luggage rack, door)

· Curved pipes (exhaust system, chassis, support rods)

In this area, the laser system allows you to:

· Cut all kinds of even very thin and lightweight parts very fast without changing the shape or surface conditions

· Highly accurate cutting while maintaining the quality of the cutting profile

· Cutting even very complex three-dimensional shapes


Aerospace Industry

This department has always been characterized by the highest quality standards in terms of precision and quality, and uses lightweight and wear-resistant materials such as titanium or aluminum alloys.
When using special geometric shapes to make parts, the advantages of using lasers include:

· The non-contact process, unlike the cutting or chip removal process, prevents deformation or micro fractures.

· Accurate and fast cutting, no heat-affected zone.

· Eliminate cutting fluid and chips typical of machine tools.

· Combine multiple operations into one possibility, reducing the processing of semi-finished products.

· Ability to cut titanium alloys and aluminum alloys.

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